What was wrong with the Fidelity Bank video?

What was wrong with the Fidelity Bank video?


After the Federal Government of Nigeria lifted the ban on Twitter, Fidelity Bank dropped a video.

The video was meant to be like a “we’re back” as other brands have been doing since the lifting of the ban.

However, for some reasons, Twitter NG decided to pounce on the bank, brand and the people in the video.

There were different reasons for this backlash and criticisms, but most of them were not really solid.

The question is “What is wrong with the video?” What made the video so bad that it got so much criticisms?

Personally, I do not think there is anything wrong with the video. It was meant to be a normal relatable video.

It had normal, working people in it, it was a trending challenge, and it is also sharable. All what makes a social video.

The brand was not trying to sell itself or advertise something to the public, it was simply trying to be social.

Many social media users have pointed out some reasons for the backlash. One of which is that staff was used for the video.

Who else should be used for the video? Should they have employed a TikTok influencer?

If an influencer was used for just a social video, what then is the end goal? Would you meet the influencer when you enter the bank tomorrow?

The video was simply a social one and not even a campaign for branding or a new product. Why the excessive spending then?

Another criticism was the video quality. It is a social video and most social videos are shot with mobile/smart phones.

Should they have employed Clarence Peters or Kemi Adetiba for a 1minute video just to please Twitter NG?

It is simply a short video that should just be a “feel good video” nothing more. Just to say “we are back”.

What then was the fuss about? Why drag the brand just because you feel it didn’t meet your ‘lofty’ standards?

Honestly, the video was not a bad one at all especially with what it was intended.

It is a video with real people (employees) that you can relate with, spontaneous and free.

Yes, it could have been well orchestrated and a bit more planning.

The people in the video should have been better prepared and all that.

Asides all that, there is sincerely nothing wrong with the video to get all that fuss.

Hopefully, Fidelity Bank can leverage on this publicity because a bank like Sterling will be ready to pounce.

There is nothing like bad publicity in the end especially if you use it and it favours you in a way.

What do you think of the video? Be sincere.

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