Simple tips to achieving your dreams and goals

Simple tips to achieving your dreams and goals


It is not every day you see someone achieve their dreams, sometimes they have to fail many times and keep going. It is the desire to keep going when everything else is looking bad that sets you apart.

Achieving dreams that we have set out for ourselves most times are not always achievable on paper until we start acting on them. I am not trying to be a motivational speaker here, but I believe it all starts with doing something about those dreams and ideas.

Have you ever had an idea that you brooded over for a while only to see it somewhere else? That is how ideas work, if you don’t work on them you will see it being realized somewhere else with good results too.

So I will be dropping 3 tips I think can help in moving from the thinking stage to the actualization stage. Don’t take my words for it, these are simply steps that have worked for me.

Have a set goal

When you have the idea, have a goal you want to achieve. Something like a mission and a vision statement. It helps you also have a scope to which you want the idea to run so that you would not be doing everything and achieving nothing. It is like wanting to go into agriculture and not knowing either you want to farm alone or distribute alone or package the products alone. These are different chains that can fetch huge returns if you focus on one.

Do your research

When starting a new idea or chasing that lifelong dream, it is important to have done some research. You shouldn’t head into an industry blindly or else you will be your own competition and not even break even. Always know a little about the field you are playing on, your competition and what would stand you out.

Start today

No matter how long you plan and strategize, nothing will stop the challenges from springing up or the little pitfalls from happening along the way. That is why the best way to tackle those challenges is to start today. No matter the amount of advise you get, or the amount of research you make, you still have to implement these plans in reality.

So, stop being afraid and start doing. In fact if you start today, you are a step closer to your dreams than you were yesterday. You have learnt something today that you didn’t know yesterday. Don’t be afraid to fail as it is part of success, and it is another way of solidifying your success.

I hope you would start chasing your dream today, no matter how little it is, start today. Just take a step, write out your plan, talk with people that have been in the game longer, just do something. Good luck!

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