Rattle Snake: The Ahanna story didn’t quite cut it (movie review)

Rattle Snake: The Ahanna story didn’t quite cut it (movie review)


The Rattle snake movie had all the ingredients, from the nice cast to also the hype. In fact, the director was top notch. However, the entire story was just not quite there.

I love a good story and unlike some of my friends, I actually rate movies higher than usual. Most of my acquaintances are more brutal about movies and that is why I take everything into consideration from the cast, storyline, location and also the audience.

This movie was one of those movies that you have heard so much about but still so little. You hear the hype but not really the story. Let me dive into it.


The storyline was quite good but there were some lapses, it was just too straightforward. It started with him learning one or two things from his father before his life was thrown into disarray. His father died and his mom just left him because she was having an affair with his uncle. How does that even make sense? A mother will just leave her first born and move on without even coming to visit?

He also got to Lagos, got robbed and helped someone sell books all in one day? In that same day too he found his way to his mother’s house because his grandmother gave him the address before he left the village. Remember he was robbed? Yea, but that address was stuck in his brain for someone visiting the state for the first time.

The action scenes

The action scenes were quite good, they held the weapons well, they shot well (even though Ahanna has not shot a gun before but he had a good aim all of a sudden).

The robbery scenes were so easy to pull off which wouldn’t be that easy in real life, but viewers discretion is always advised.

Ahanna’s love story

This part is what I still don’t understand. Ahanna had a relationship with one of his crew members, Amara and she didn’t join them for the last operation because she fell ill. Apparently, she was pregnant, but Ahanna was already in a relationship with someone else. Someone who helped in pulling off their biggest heist.

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The question is how did he move on so swiftly from Amara to the new girl in just one robbery operation?

There were a lot of loopholes and it was too obvious. For a movie lover like me, I would say the directors did a good job but it was not good enough and it looked like they rushed a lot of areas.

I would give the movie 6 points.

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