JMK complains about Saga being a team player

JMK complains about Saga being a team player

JMK complains about Saga

The Big Brother game is all about working with others and it is no surprise when JMK complains about Saga.

Saga was in the same team as JMK, Liquorose, Emmanuel and Sammie as they prepared for the Patricia task.

Things seem to be going on smoothly as they all contributed towards the task. Their team is Team Grey.

All 20 housemates were divided into groups comprising of 5 members.

The initial task was for each team to create a jingle about Patricia with all the information in it.

When it was time for the task, all teams went into the arena to make their presentation.

The first task was question and answer in which Saga missed one question and they got the second question.

However, there was an issue when it was time for them to choose a representative for the task.

Saga volunteered saying “I am an artist” and that he would be able to deliver.

Sammie then responded by saying “If we lose na you we go blame”. That didn’t deter him.

Their team did relatively well in the 3 tasks they participated in and might probably win the tasks.

After they got back to the house, JMK complains about Saga to Angel in the room.

Angel says he is cool and she has worked with him before in a group.

The 23-year-old lawyer then said he is a cool person but not a good team player.

The main reason is not known as she did not state what it is, however, it might be revealed soon.

Just some days ago, JMK claimed to find Saga attractive but now it seems things have changed.

The team won and Patricia rewarded them with $5,000 worth of Bitcoin and that means $1,000 each.

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