Davido O2 Concert: 5 questions fans are asking

Davido O2 Concert: 5 questions fans are asking

Davido O2 Concert

The Davido O2 concert has come and gone, however fans have had a lot to say ever since.

With the various performances and surprises, trust Nigerians to always pick and point out one or two issues.

Not everyone could make it to the O2 so many fans especially those in Nigeria had to stream online.

Twitter was agog with conversations before, during and even after the concert.

We picked out 5 questions Nigerians asked about the concert and what they said could have been better.

The Sound

This is not Davido’s song we are talking about but the actual sound from the concert. A lot of fans were complaining about the sound quality.

As artistes were performing, it sounded like the sound was not in sync with the microphones.

Although, fans at the venue had no complaints at all, so it could have been due to streaming.

Sold Out?

It was announced that the Davido O2 Concert was sold out, even O2 tweeted it but some people still doubted.

Some fans were eager to tweet photos of empty seats (who knows where they got it from).

Looking at videos from the concert, it is clear the show was sold out and packed with fans.

What happened to Spesh?

A lot of fans noticed that Davido did not have his hypeman Spesh present on stage.

Spesh has been with Davido for a long time and it was strange to see Davido alone on stage with nobody hyping him.

There has been no explanation so far and we might never get one except Spesh decided to speak up.

DJ ECool

ECool would be surprised with how much dragging he must have gotten on Twitter most especially.

He was the DJ on the night and let us just say a lot of things went wrong.

His performance could make for a whole post actually, but we don’t want to add to the dragging already ongoing.

First, it felt like he did not do any sound check so he doesn’t know how the show would go.

Secondly, he was everywhere. Instead of him to be at the DJ Boot he was jumping on stage trying to hype the crowd.

People might love Davido, but that doesn’t mean they would love you if you try to make his performance unacceptable.

Thirdly, he got songs from free websites and did not remove their tags. Imagine hearing “Trendybeatz.com” at the O2. Come on!

ECool really shifted the attention from the star of the night, David, to himself for the mistakes he made.

Now this is already marked in history, it cannot be undone. This is how Davido’s 2022 O2 concert will be remembered for.

Was the show a hit?

After all that has been said about the show, we can actually say it was a hit for many reasons.

First it was a sold out show to the extent that there was traffic outside the arena. That is huge.

Secondly, people had a good time all around the world. You could see people talking about the show for hours either for good reason or not.

Thirdly, Davido has hits that could actually go on for hours on end and that showed on the night.

There were performances from almost every hitmaker out of Nigeria including Pheelz who has a new song out.

It was an amazing night all round.

For Afrobeats, this is another night in history and it should be celebrated. Kudos to Davido and his crew.

It could have been better but it wasn’t all that bad. What do you think of the show?

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